Becket Keys C of E School Summer Term 2019

Category : Brentwood Essex

Essex MyBand at Becket KeyC of E School

This MyBand happened late in the day. With major changes happening with our partners EMH, they were unable to support this summer’s MyBand. But we have some very dedicated students and parents, so we decided to go ahead. I’m so glad that we did. Working with a smaller group, Eric, Conal and I had a wonderful time. With the luxury of being able to really spend more time with the bands and musicians, we can offer even more. The original compositions were fantastic. Our classic tracks were Message in a Bottle, the Police, Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz, No Roots. There was an added bonus of sax player, Alex playing jazz classic Autumn Leaves with Eric and Conal. The concert at the end was so well attended. Thanks parents, family and friends.