Holiday MyBand

The thrill of being part of a band is a magical experience. We provide the opportunity for young people between the ages of 11-18 the unique experience of being in a band, write songs, jam, rehearse, and record over 2 or 3 days.  


DAY 1. Learn Classic Track as a big group. Form bands, start writing.
DAY 2. Rehearse Classic. Band chooses cover, and completes original song
DAY 3. Record and Film original track. Perform for family and friends.


The students learn how to work through and develop their own ideas. The MyBand tutors are on hand to the facilitate this process and are able to offer guidance.


There is a real skill in learning how to play an established song. The process gives students a deeper understanding on how modern music is composed and unlocks some of the secrets to some of the most famous songs ever written. Whether it be Hendrix, Coldplay, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Kasabian, Prince…There’s a world of great music out there waiting to be explored.


Confidence comes with just rocking out! It’s an important way to express yourself, and come up with ideas, but it’s also about learning to listen and enjoying the group sound.



Rhythm is essential in music. We’ll have a whole session exploring different rhythms from around the world!! from Rock to Funk, Hip Hop to Punk, Reggae to R’n’B, Latin American to Africa… We’ll explore it all.


On the final day,each group will have their original and cover song recorded ‘Live’ on the last day. The song will be put on our MyBand YouTube Channel.


Parents and friends are invited to the final performance.
Having a goal of a performance encourages practice, practice leads to improvement,improvement leads to more enjoyment. Stage presence and the art of performance are an essential element to being in a band. We help the students to develop a band identity which will be unveiled at the performance on the final day.


Passion and an open-mind. Ability is not the criteria. Bring your instrument. Whatever you play.