Listen to what parents and students have to say…

“My son recently attended MyBand and loved it. He is in Year 7 and is taking electric guitar lessons at UCS. He has he’s been inspired to take up the piano again.”  


“The two days were great fun, relaxed, informative and great for self-confidence. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in music, excellent event and teachers. Many thanks.”

“There’s a lot of things I enjoyed about the course, but I think the main things to address is how everyone works brilliantly together and how much you can improve as a musician/performer.

I think the sign of a good instructor is that by the end you have brought out a side of you that you never thought existed.

I could go on forever about the course, but I think to conclude I would say that I would definitely recommend it to any musician. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play/or what genre you sing I think anyone who is anyone will really enjoy it.”

“My daughters are eleven and twelve. They have never been to stage school or had the opportunity to compose, record and then perform; they are still buzzing and so are we. They were engaged, excited and above all happy.

Their Nan cried and we really were amazed by what you managed to bring out in them. We hardly recognised our eldest daughter – normally very quiet.”

“Music is Toby’s passion and he can’t get enough of it. He gets involved at every opportunity.

We were very impressed with what was achieved in only two days. All of the students looked so happy to be performing and were obviously having a great time.”