UCS Senior School Autumn Term 2019

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UCS Senior School

Autumn Term 2019

I think this was one of our most enjoyable to date. Why? Firstly, UCS boys are a unique bunch. They all have something to say, even when they have nothing to say! They have a quirky sense of humour, are always looking for a laugh. They like winding each other up. Essentially, they can be typical boys! ‘Focus’, that is the phrase we use most when working with them. This time, because of the wider age range, and the combination of characters, the focus and energy was so much better. James Ivy and I ran this course.Big thanks to Sebastian Zamet, a GCSE student, who came back on a work experience. He has come on as both a player, and a young man. We were so impressed with him, and he was a subtle influence to the boys. Big mention to the bass players in both bands! It’s good to have fellow bassists who can groove. And overall, the musical focus, and ideas were excellent. Secondly, the performance was on the Saturday. This meant more parents and family could get to it. It was packed! And what wonderful support. ‘Addicted to Love’ by Robert Palmer and ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder were the cover tracks. The audience joined in with the Samba rhythms. It was a great performance and a lot of fun.