Alleyn’s School – Xmas MyBand 2019

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Xmas MyBand 2019

“Tis the time to be Jolly!’ Yes, indeed it was. What a fun few days we had.  It was lovely to have 5 or 6 Year 10 students come along to this MyBand. There were quite few new and  a few familiar faces. We had 2 violin and a cello players. Ideal, since one of our classic tracks was ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl. Anna, Emil and Noah all happen to be fantastic players so could play all the jig lines. Plus, Hal on guitar, who’s guitar playing has really kicked on. And what a great cohort of singers. Our principle drummer was Holly, and my oh my, how fantastically she has developed as a player. Now able to lock down the whole group. The other classic we did was ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by Shaking Stevens. The piano players were all able to do justice to the classic piano parts. The focus on creating the original songs was outstanding. The resulting songs reflect this. James ran this MyBand with me. The final concert was a festive occasion. Never has a box of Quality Streets disappeared so quickly! Thanks parents for joining in with our Xmas song. Great performance by the students, and the ideal way to go into the Christmas break.